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In May 2017, he started his own company, Makoto Seisakusho.
The company has been responsible for manufacturing custom-made precision parts.
The company's main equipment includes NC lathes (Cincom L16, Cincom C12, Cincom B12, R04 VI, CITIZEN) and wire EDM machines (FA10PM, Mitsubishi).
NC (Numerical Control) lathes are programmed to
NC (Numerical Control) lathe is a machine that can perform cutting almost automatically by setting and controlling numerical values through programming.
Wire EDM is a processing method that cuts materials by electric discharge heat from a wire.
Wire EDM is a processing method that cuts materials by electric discharge heat from a wire, and can process any hard material as long as it is an electrical conductor.
Combining the features of these machines makes it possible to manufacture metal products with an accuracy of several microns.
The company mainly manufactures parts for precision equipment and
The company's main business is the manufacture of parts for precision equipment and custom-made metal products in small lots.



自社の 主要な機器として、NC 旋盤(Cincom L16、Cincom C12、Cincom B12、 R04 VI、CITIZEN)とワイヤ放電加工機(FA10PM、三菱)がある。

NC(数値制御:Numerical Control)旋盤はプログラミングにより

数値 設定・コントロールしほぼ自動的に切削(せっさく)加工を行うことのできる機械で、







NC 旋盤、ワイヤ放電加工機などによる精密部品の製造事業。昨年末に銃器店を開業、4月より銃器部品製造・修理事業と販売事業を本格始動。

Manufacturing business of precision parts by NC lathe, wire EDM, etc. Opened a firearms store at the end of last year and started full-scale firearms parts manufacturing and repair business and sales business in April.



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